About Us



CeSID (The Center for Free Elections and Democracy) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization.

We bring citizens together with the goal of contributing to the establishment and enhancement of democratic values ​​and institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

We promote these values ​​through educational and research programs, organized monitoring of elections, analysis of election and election activities of the participants in the electoral process, development of local self-government and pointing out deviant behavior in our society and recommendations for their elimination.

CeSID also aims to disseminate knowledge about democratic institutions, raise citizen awareness of the importance of free and fair elections, human rights and the process of decentralization by promoting and strengthening pro-European values, norms, and standards. Through all of these ongoing activities, we are working on attracting new volunteers and their education to engage competently in CeSID activities.


The Center was established primarily with the aim of organizing an impartial observation of the elections in Serbia, including media monitoring, voting and parallel counting of votes. CeSID’s activities include, after the establishment of the organization, leading experts and researchers from the field of sociology, politics, media, and statistics, and the work programs have been extended to other areas and comprehensive research regarding the advancement of democratic values ​​and processes in society in general.


The Centre for Free Elections and Democracy in its activities combines the following capacities:

A large network, consisting of 21,000 volunteers / observers, 165 municipal teams, 16 local and 5 regional offices. In this way, CeSID is able to cover every municipality in Serbia through its branched network.

A team of experts, most of whom are university professors and researchers in the field of elections, parties, local self-government development and corruption prevention. This is the areas that CeSID deals with from a professional standpoint.

A number of prominent personalities from various areas supporting CeSID’s efforts as members of the CeSID Council. Through their involvement in the organisation’s work and activities, CeSID maintains and reaffirms the role of a competent and impartial actor in the social and political life of Serbia.

CeSID has successfully partnered with more than 60 NGOs in Serbia and is a member of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations – ENEMO (2001-2002 Presiding). Within the framework of international cooperation CeSID has been a member of several international observation missions (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, BJR Macedonia, Mexico, Albania, Ukraine, Belorussia, Jermeniya, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Germany …). CeSID also provided support for the establishment and capacity building of similar profile organizations, such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Montenegro.


Since its founding in 1997, CeSID has conducted more than 200 public research projects. Its research activity is based on an experienced research team that includes: statisticians, methodologists, sociologists, psychologists, politicians and a well-organized and trained network of regional coordinators.

In its current work, CeSID specializes in the implementation of:


Quantitative public opinion polls on a national, regional or local sample.


Qualitative research like focus groups, deepened / dubious interviews, institutional researches.

Thanks to our many years of experience, experienced researchers and a well-coordinated and trained network of researchers, our organization is able to quickly and efficiently conduct research regardless of sample size or specific research project requirements while respecting all the requirements of the profession.

Each research project entrusted to CeSID involves the involvement of an organization’s experts in the creation of questionnaires, training of the interviewer for all specifics of specific research, co-ordination and three-way field work control, database entry and creation, analysis of the data obtained and analytical reporting followed by preparation and presentation of research findings.

In its work so far, CeSID has become publicly recognizable in its sociological researches that include research into social and political situations in the country. In addition to sociological research, CeSID has been successfully conducting and modelling research.

Partners in research projects include USAID, UNDP, EU Progress, UNICEF, UNHCR, World Bank, OEBS, Direct Media, Erste Bank, Mlekoprodukt, Telenor, Telekom and Coca Cola.

At CeSID, we believe in freedom. That is why our authors are unshaken whenever they are discussing potentially explosive issues. We are also keen to give expert analysis of issues, and most of our pieces are backed up by evidence. We are committed to give our readers the truth as it is on the ground.