What is CESID?
CeSID  is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization.
Disseminate knowledge about democratic institutions and raise citizen awareness of the importance of free and fair elections.
We bring citizens together with the goal of contributing to the establishment of democratic values ​​and institutions in the Republic of Serbia.
Raise awareness on human rights and the process of decentralization by promoting pro-European values, norms, and standards.
The Center was established primarily with the aim of organizing an impartial observation of the elections in Serbia, including media monitoring, voting and parallel counting of votes.
Since its founding in 1997, CeSID has conducted more than 200 public research projects. Its research activity is based on an experienced research team.
A large network, consisting of 21,000 volunteers / observers, 165 municipal teams, 16 local and 5 regional offices. In this way, CeSID is able to cover every municipality in Serbia through its branched network.

Recent Topics

Our information is unbiased and mainly deals with the current political situation in Serbia as well as the NGOs present that are trying to make a difference.

At CeSID, we believe in freedom.

Are you interested in finding out information on controversial and radical topics from Serbia?


Our Partners in research projects
CeSID has become publicly recognizable in its sociological researches that include research into social and political situations in the country.